Gerald R. Sherratt Library

2012 Howard R. Driggs Memorial Lecture

Southern Utah University and the Friends of the Gerald R. Sherratt Library announce the fourth annual Howard R. Driggs Memorial Lecture. The lecture will be held on March 21, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Great Hall, Hunter Conference Center. Claudia Bushman will present this year's lecture entitled "Lost, Stolen, or Strayed: The Unrecorded Life."

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Biography of Claudia Bushman

Nationally known American author and women's historian, Claudia Lauper Bushman, will deliver the fourth annual Howard R. Driggs Memorial Lecture on the campus of Southern Utah University. A native Californian, Dr. Bushman will come to Southern Utah University from her home in New York City to speak on women's history and the pioneer west, themes frequently covered by Driggs in his own books and speeches.

Claudia Bushman has published twelve books on social and cultural history and Mormonism, including "A Good Poor Man's Wife": Being a Chronicle of Harriet Hanson Robinson and Her Family in Nineteenth-Century New England, America Discovers Columbus: How an Italian Explorer Became an American Hero, Contemporary Mormonism: Latter-day Saints in Modern America, and Mormon Sisters: Women in Early Utah . Her most recent book is Pansy's History: Margaret E. P. Gordon, 1866-1966 , an edited autobiography by her maternal grandmother.

She was Professor of American Studies at Columbia University where her husband Richard Lyman Bushman was the Gouverneur Morris Professor of History. They retired and accepted positions at Claremont Graduate University where they created curriculum in their Mormon Studies program. Now back in New York City, they will be teaching a course on Contemporary Mormonism at Columbia University this spring.

Bushman met and married her husband while she was an undergraduate student in English literature at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. Later, while he taught at Brigham Young University, she completed a masters' degree in American literature, but her academic interests broadened to social history and women's studies. When her husband taught at Boston University, she did her doctoral study in American Studies, which later led to her teaching in the graduate program of American studies at Columbia and reviving its program as she made friends with the students.

Wherever she lives, she is involved in community history, which led to positions as director of the Delaware Heritage Commission and chairman of Columbia University's 260 th anniversary celebration. Her assignments have included chairing the Harlem Bridge Building Committee and the New York New York Living Nativity Scene Project, producing the concert of the Mormon Oratorio Choir in Carnegie Hall and the Manhattan Temple Jubilee in Radio City Music Hall.

The Bushman's six children were born in Boston, London, Utah and Rhode Island and they have twenty grandchildren. She was named New York State's Mother of the Year in 2002.

Event Information

Date: March 21, 2012
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: The Great Hall, Hunter Conference Center
Admission: Free