Gerald R. Sherratt Library

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Richard Saunders
Dean of
World, US, and Military History, and Music (435)865-8392 LB 302C
Matt Nickerson
Dept Chair
Outdoor Rec, Phys. Ed., Phys. Science, and Theatre
(435)586-1955 LB 303F
Sheri Butler
Assistant IV (435)586-7947 LB 302
Trudy Widup
Department Administrative Assistant
(435)865-8172 LB 303A

Academic Support

Steven Irving
Library Media Program Director

Education and 303D

Access Services

Scott Lanning
Access Services / Reference Librarian
Business and Reference (435)865-8156 LB 303B
Tammy Buehler
Interlibrary Loan Coordinator
(435)586-7938 LB 102
Linda Liebhardt
Circulation Coordinator (435)865-8240 LB 102
Trecia Loveland
Copy Shop Specialist (435)865-8440
LB 104
Jill Phillips
Library Assistant
(435)865-8240 LB 102
Jill Mallek
Library Assistant (435)865-8240 LB 102
Tayce Robinson
Library Assistant (435)865-8240
LB 102
Kelli CrockettLibrary Assistant
LB 102

Collection Development

Carol Kunzler
Acquisitions Specialist
(435)586-7936 LB 307

User Experience

Vacant User Experience Librarian

(435)586-xxxx LB 303

Library Instruction/Outreach

Anne Diekema
Instruction/Outreach Librarian
Bio. Sciences, Foreign Languages, General Works, Health Science, Religion, and
(435)586-5435LB 303E
Caitlyn Gerrity
Instruction/Outreach Librarian
Art, Sociology, Geography, Anthropology, Agriculture, and
(435)586-1908LB 303H
Phil Roche'
Instruction/Outreach Librarian
Language and Literature, American and English
(435)865-8734LB 303C

Special Collections

Paula Mitchell Special Collections Librarian
Poli Sci, Criminal Justice, Law, and Juvenile Literature
(435)586-7976 LB 303J
Sally McDonald
Special Collections Analyst &
LB 005C
Susan Christopher
Special Collections Analyst
LB 005C


Julie Wood
Library Network
Administrator III (435)865-8052
LB 103

Technical Services

Loralyn Felix

Technical Services Librarian
Communication, Computer Science, Library Science, Math, and Engineering (435)586-7946
LB 306A
Susan Christopher

Technical Services
Analyst (435)865-8240 LB 306
Christopher Clark
Technical Services
LB 306
Timothy Roelofs

Technical Services
Analyst (435)865-8241 LB 306