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Use the eJournal Finder to find electronic and print journals, magazines or newspapers owned by the SUU Library. Searching for a journal, magazine or newspaper title in the eJournal Finder will quickly tell you if the library has access to the periodical, in which database it can be found, and gives you a link to the database to find the article you need.

The eJournal Finder does NOT find articles, but it does tell you whether the library has a particular periodical in full text, either in a database or in the Journals Collection (print periodicals). To find articles in a journal, magazine, or newspaper, use the Article and Journals page.


Should you get a message stating that "This Connection is Untrusted" or "Your Connection is not private" click on "I understand the Risks" or "Advanced" (to bypass the warning) and proceed. It is safe!

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If your searches find that the journal is not available in the library (or through one of the library database subscriptions) request it through Interlibrary Loan.