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A statistical aggregator. Access the world's data and publish data to the world

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What is dataZoa

dataZoa can grab data such as home prices by region, employment and occupational data, wage rates by city, education and poverty measures, traffic through U.S. ports, and more, to construct historical time series data in a standardized format. With one click, users can store reports in a personal sandbox, and the results update in real time with the primary source. With the interface, users can build graphs and charts with live data, and these applications also auto-update  and with one click, can be embedded in a website.

Trial Religious ebook collection

Ebsco's eBooks Religion Collection

With more than 4,100 titles from over 150 trusted publishers covering important religious subjects including philosophy, ethics, history of religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and more -- this collection of best-selling, frontlist titles provides a cost-effective resource to meet the needs of students and scholars in their research.