Gerald R. Sherratt Library
Research Tips
Citing your research
  1. MLA Citation Examples (Works Cited)
  2. APA Reference Examples
  3. Additional documentation sources:
    1. Research & Documentation Online (Diana Hacker)
    2. SUU English Department Writing Center Writing Tipsheets
    3. Purdue Online Writing Lab Style Guides (OWL)
      1. ASA Style
      2. APA Style
      3. MLA Formatting and Style Guide
    4. APA (American Psychological Associations Style Tips for Electronic Documents)
    5. MLA (Modern Language Association)
    6. Chicago Style
    7. Turabian (Ohio State University guide)
  1. Plagiarism and information ethics
    1. Avoiding Plagarism Interactive Tutorial from Longman Publishing
    2. Avoiding Plagiarism tips from Purdue University Online Writing Lab
    3. Tips on how to avoid plagiarism from