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School Library Media Program: About

Library Media Minor


The Library Media Minor is designed for those interested in libraries or who seek to better understand the research resources available in the library. This will not lead to public school endorsement.


Students must fill out and turn in the Library Media Application. Students must be admitted to the University and register (registrar's office: (435) 586-7715).

Requirements & Coursework

The minor requires 17 credits of which nine must be taken at SUU. Older credit may be accepted.

Below is the coursework for the program:

Required Courses

LM 3120: Children's Literature (3)
LM 3170: Technology for Library Media Teachers (3)
LM 4160: Library Computer & Reference Skills (3)
LM 4190: Managing a Media Center (3)
LM 4200: Library Technical Services (3)

Electives (minimum of 5 credit hours)

ART 1050: Photography (3)
ART 1120: Two Dimensional Design (3)
ART 3220: Digital Photography (3)
COMM 2200: Broadcast Production (3)
LM 2120: Service Learning (1)
LM 4890: Library Media Practicum (1-3)
THEA 3900: Theater for Elementary Teachers (1.5)