Gerald R. Sherratt Library

T-Bird Texts

The following text books required by several SUU courses are available for students to check out for up to two hours and are available at the Circulation Desk. We are still working on acquiring more text books, and we apologize if we do not have the text book you are looking for.


ACCT 2010: Accounting 8th Ed. (Custom SUU Edition), by Horngren, Harrison and Oliver
ACCT 2010: Financial Accounting 2nd Edition (Custom SUU Edition), Spiceland, Thomas, and Herrmann
ACCT 2020: Managerial Accounting 14th Ed., by Garrison, Noreen and Brewer
ACCT 3100: Accounting Information Systems 12th Ed., by Romney and Steinbart


ANTH 1010: Conformity and Conflict 13th Ed, by Spradley and McCurdy
ANTH 1010: Guests of the Sheik by Elizabeth Fernea


ART 1010: The Art of Seeing 8th Ed., by Zelanski and Fisher

Art History

ARTH 2710: Art: A Brief History 4th Ed., by Stokstad and Cothren

Business Administration

BA 1010: Understanding Business 9th Ed., by Nickels & McHugh


BIOL 1620: Campbell Biology 9th Ed., by Reece, Urry, Cain, Wasserman, Minorksy, and Jackson
BIOL 1620: My Fish Ate Your Fish, by Helen Boswell


CHEM 1010: Basic Chemistry 6th Ed., by Zumdahl and Decoste
CHEM 1110: Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry 6th Ed., by McMurry, Castellion and others
CHEM 1210: Chemistry: The Central Science 11th Ed., by Brown, LeMay, Bursten & Murphy
CHEM 2310:  Organic Chemistry Study Guide and Solutions Manual, 8th Ed. McMurry
CHEM 2310:  Organic Chemistry, 8th Ed. McMurry

Criminal Justice

CJ 1010: Introduction to Criminal Justice 6th Ed., by Bohm and Haley
CJ 1010: Introduction to Criminal Justice 7th Ed, by Lawrence F. Travis III
CJ 1010: The American System of Criminal Justice 12th Ed., by Cole and Smith
CJ 1350: Forensic Science 3rd Ed., by Stuart James and Jon Nordby


COMM 1010: The Communication Age,  Edwards
COMM 1010: Communications: Making Connections 7th Ed., by Seiler and Beall
COMM 2010: The Media of Mass Communication 10th Ed., by John Vivian
COMM 2110: Understanding Interpersonal Communication 2nd Ed., by West and Turner

Computer Science & Information Systems

CSIS 1000: Microsoft Office 2013, by Beskeen, Cram, Duffy, and others
CSIS 1010: Electronic Commerce 9th Ed., by Gary Schneider
CSIS 1010: HTML, XHTML, and CSS 6th Ed., by Shelly and Woods


DANC 1010: Dancing, the Pleasure, Power, and Art of Movement, by Gerald Jonas
DANC 1100: Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet 3rd ed, by Gail Grant


ECON 2010: Microeconomics 8th Ed., David Colander
ECON 2010: Principals of Microeconomics 5th Ed., N. Gregory Mankiw
ECON 2020: Macroeconomics 8th Ed., by David Colander


EDUC 2000: Education 11/12, by Rebecca B. Evers

Elementary Education

ELED 4000: Creating Meaning Through Literature and the Arts 4th ed, by Claudia E. Cornett


ENGL 1010: 40 Model Essays, by Jane E. Aaron
ENGL 1010: Choices: Situations for College Writing, by Joe Marshall Hardin
ENGL 1010: Everything's an Argument 5th Ed., Lunsford, Ruszkieicz, and Walters
ENGL 1010: Rules of Thumb 8th Ed., by Silverman, Hughes, and Wienbroer
ENGL 1010: The Curious Researcher 6th Ed., by Bruce Ballenger
ENGL 1010: The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing, by Michael Harvey
ENGL 1010: The St. Martin's Guide to Writing 8th Ed., by Rise Be Axelrod and Charles R. Cooper
ENGL 1010: The Top Twenty Writing Guide, by Andrea A. Lunsford
ENGL 1010: You Are Here: Readings on Higher Education for College Writers, by Russel K. Kurst
ENGL 1010: MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers 7th Ed.
ENGL 2010: Best Music Writing 2009, by Daphne Carr and Greil Marcus
ENGL 2010: Dance for Two: Selected Essays, by Alan Lightman
ENGL 2010: From Critical Thinking to Argument 2nd Ed., by Barnet and Bedau
ENGL 2010: From Critical Thinking to Argument 3rd Ed., by Sylvan Barnet and Hugo Bedau
ENGL 2010: Reading Pictures, by Alberto Manguel
ENGL 2010: The Two Cultures, by C.P. Snow
ENGL 2010: Ways of Seeing, by John Berger
ENGL 2010: Arthurian Romance, by Pearsall
ENGL 2020: A Dash of Style, by Noah Lukeman
ENGL 2020: The Writing Life, by Annie Dillard
ENGL 2020: Writing Poetry 2nd ED., by Barbara Drake
ENGL 2020: Writing True, the Art and Craft of Creative Nonfiction, by Sondra Perl and Mimi Schwartz
ENGL 3280: Monster, by Walter Dean Myers


ENGR 1010: Thinking in Systems by Donella H. Meadows


FIN 2870: Personal Finance 9th Ed., by Kapoor, Dlbay, and Hughes
FIN 6100: Financial Management 12th Ed., by Eugene Brigham and Michael C. Ehrhardt

Family Life & Human Development

FLHD 1500: The Developing Person Through the Lifespan 7th Ed., by Kathleen Berger
FLHD 1500: Invitation to the Life Span, by Kathleen Berger
FLHD 2400: The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, by John M. Gottman
FLHD 3700: The Process of ParentingSeven Principles for Making Marriage Work, by John M. Gottman


FREN: Espaces, Rendez-Vous Avec le Mende Francophone 2nd Ed., by Mitschke, Tano and Thiers-Thiam


GEOL 1030: Natural Hazards and Disasters 3rd Ed., byHyndman
GEOL 1050: Geology of National Parks 6th Ed., by Harris and Tuttle
GEOL 1090: Essentials of Geology 11th Ed., by Lutgens, Tarbuck and Tasa


GERM 1010: Kontake, A Communicative Approach 7th Ed., by Tschirner, Nikolai, & Terrell
GERM 2010: Stationen: Ein Kursbuch fur die Mittelstufe 2nd Ed., by Augustyn and Euba


HIST 1100: Sources of the Western Tradition Vol. 1 8th Ed., by Marvin Perry
HIST 1100: Sources of Western Tradition Vol. 2 8th Ed., by Marvin Perry
HIST 1100: The Making of the West Vol. 1 to 1740 4th Ed., by Hunt, Martin, and others
HIST 1100: The Making of the West Vol. 2 Since 1500 4th ED, by Hunt, Martin, and others
HIST 1500: Ways of the World Vol. 1, by Robert Strayer
HIST 1500: Ways of the World Vol. 2, by Robert Strayer
HIST 1700: America: A Concise History 4th Ed., by Henretta and Brody
HIST 1700: America: A Concise History 5th Ed., by Henretta and Brody
HIST 1700: Documents to Accompany America's History Vol. 1 to 1877, by Henretta, Brody, and Domenil
HIST 1700: Documents to Accompany America's History Vol. 2 since 1865, by Henretta, Brody, and Domenil

Hotel, Resort, and Hospitality Management

HRHM 3010: Tourism: Concepts and Practices, by Walker

Humanities & Social Sciences

HSS 1120: Dimensions of Global Diversity, by Kholout Al-Qubbaj
HSS 1120: Racial and Ethnic Groups 11th ed, by Richard T. Shaefer


HU 1010: The Humanities in Western Culture 4th Ed., by Robert C. Lamm


MATH 1010: Prealgebra 7th Ed., by McKeague
MATH 1010: Intermediate Algebra 9th Ed., by Charles P McKeague
MATH 1030: Excursions in Modern Mathematics , by Tannenbaum
MATH 1040: Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World 5th Ed., by Larson and Farber
MATH 1050: College Algebra 9th Ed., by Michael Sullivan
MATH 1060: Trigonometry 6th Ed., by McKeague and Turner
MATH 1100: Calculus and Its Applications 10th Ed., by Bittinger, Ellenbogen, and Surgent
MATH 1210: Calculus, Early Transcendentals 7th Ed., by James Stewart
MATH 1210: Calculus, Early Transcendentals 8th Ed., by Anton, Bivens, and Davis
MATH 2010: A Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers 10th Ed., by Billstein
MATH 2040: Basic Statistics for Business & Economics 6th Ed., by Lind Marchal, and Wathen


MGMT 3100: Operations Management (SUU Editon)


MKTG 3900: Retail Management: A Strategic Approach 11th Ed., by Berman and Evans


MUSC 1010: Listening to Music 5th Ed. with CD set, by Zorn and August
MUSC 1020: American Popular Music 2nd Ed., by Larry Starr and Christopher Waterman
MUSC 1050: Worlds of Music 3rd Ed., by Jeff Titon
MUSC 1050: Worlds of Music 5th Ed., by Jeff Titon

Nutrition & Food Science

NFS: Contemporary Nutrition 7th Ed., by Wardlaw and Smith
NFS 1020: Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies 12th Ed., by Sizer and Whitney

Outdoor Recreation in Parks and Tourism

ORPT: Leadership in Leisure Services: Making a Difference, by Jordan

Physical Education

PE 1098: Wellness: Concepts and Applications 7th Ed., by Anspaugh, Hamric & Rosato
PE 1543: First Aid / CPR/AED 3rd Ed., by American Red Cross
PE 1830: Sports and Recreational Activities 14th Ed., by Mood, Musker, and Judith Rink


PHIL 1000: A Philosophical Reader on Moral Weakness, by Kirk Fitzpatrick
PHIL 1000: Meditations of First Philosophy 3rd Ed., by Rene Descares
PHIL 1000: Plato: Republic Translated, by G.M.A. Grube
PHIL 1000: Problems of Philosophy, by Russell
PHIL 1250: A Concise Introduction to Logic 10th Ed., by Patrick Hurley


PHYS 1040: Discovering the Universe 9th ed, by Comins and Kaufmann
PHYS 2010: Physics 6th Ed., by Douglas Giancoli
PHYS 2210: Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach 2nd Ed., by Randall Knight

Political Science

POLS 1110: American Government and Politics Today, Schmidt, Shelley, and Bardes
POLS 2300: Invitation to Political Thought, by Deutsch and Fornieri


PSY 1010: Exploring Psychology in Modules, by David G. Myers
PSY 1010: Practice Exams with Visual Guides for Psychology: Psychology A Journey, by Vandeventer and Talbot
PSY 1010: Psychology in Action 9th Ed., by Karen Huffman
PSY 1010: Psychology, a Journey 3rd Ed., by Coon and Mitterer
PSY 1010: Psychology, a Journey 5th Ed., by Coon and Mitterer
PSY 1110: Experiencing the Lifespan 2nd Ed., by Janet Belsky
PSY 1110: Discovering the Life Span, by Robert S. Feldman


SOC 1010: Sociology is a Life or Death Issue, by Robert Brym
SOC 1010: Sociology Matters 4th Ed., by Richard Shaefer
SOC 1010: Sociology Matters 5th Ed., by Richard Shaefer
SOC 1010: You May Ask Yourself 2nd Ed., by Dalton Conley
SOC 1020: Social Problems: A Down-To-Earth Approach 9th Ed., by Henslin and Fowler


SPAN: Sol Y Viento: Beginning Spanish 3rd Ed., by Vanpatten, Leeser, and Keating
SPAN 1010: Pocket Dictionary and Language Guide, by Vista Higher Learning
SPAN 1010: Vistas 3rd Ed. with Workbook and DVD, by Blanco and Donley
SPAN 2020: Facetas 3rd Ed., by Blanco
SPAN 2020: Facetas Student Activities Manuals, by Blanco


THEA 1023: Looking at Movies, 3rd Ed.,(DVD)
THEA 1023: Looking at Movies, 4th Ed.,(DVD)
THEA 1023: Looking at Movies, 3rd Ed., by Barsam and Monahan
THEA 1023: Looking at Movies, 4th Ed., by Barsam and Monahan
THEA 1023: Writing about Movies, by Gocsik and Barsam
THEA 1713: A Pocket Full of Plays Vol. 2, by David Madden
THEA 2203: The Costume Technician's Handbook 3rd Ed., by Ingham and Covey