Sherratt Library

Searching the Library Catalog

Quick Search

Quick Search can be used for most library catalog searches. Quick Search will allow you to search for a keyword or combination of keywords in all fields of a catalog record. For example, you can search for the keywords women and sports and select Search Everything and your results will include records with both keywords. If you did the same search but selected title search, you would find records with the keywords in the title only.

The Search Results screen will display brief information about the item (title, author, call number, publisher, and date published). This is enough information to know if the book is in the library and where it's located. For more information on the book, click the title to see the Brief Record or Full Record.

  1. From the library homepage ( click Research, then Catalog
  2. Type your keywords in the search window, then click the type of search (Search Everything, title, author, subject, ...)

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search catalog search allows you to narrow your searches by type (ebooks, media, Reference books) and location (e.g., Main Collection, Media DVD, Reference). From the Quick Search window click the Advanced Search link:

Reserve Books Search

The Library Catalog can be searched for books, videos, and other items your professors have placed on reserve for your classes. You can check these out at the Circulation Desk. In the Library Catalog click the Reserve Books link, type the Instructor, Course Number, or Course Name in the window and click the appropriate button.

eBooks Search

The number of eBooks added to the library collection is increasing rapidly. Ebooks can be read, searched and printed, and in some cases downloaded from the library catalog. From the Quick Search window type your keyword, click the "Search only Electronic Books" box, then select a search button.